Leather gloves

Which leather gloves are suitable for your hands? Are you looking for a new pair of gloves and wondering which leather type is best for you? Our leather gloves are made of premium quality (natural) leather. The leather and linings that Frickin uses for its gloves are sourced from reputable suppliers and are used to make the best possible quality.  consists of a by-product from the food, wool and dairy industries. In addition, with our specially designed eco-leather line, we offer our customers an alternative to real leather gloves. 

Every type of leather has its own properties. Think of keeping your hands warm and dry, it is also important that leather gloves can breathe well but the most important thing is of course that the gloves feel comfortable. 

Leather gloves

Ava leather gloves ladies in color black

Sheep leather is the lightest type of leather and distinguishes itself because it feels velvety soft. In addition, the leather is perfect for our touchscreen nano technology which can be easily processed on the leather. It is also the thinnest leather that can be used for gloves, except for some exotic leathers. The combination with a warm woolen lining and high quality sheepskin leather results in an exclusive warm weather garment.



Sheepskin gloves:

Jack black leather men's gloves with buckle

Besides sheep leather gloves, our winter collection has a number of goat leather models. Goat leather looks a bit rougher and is thicker than sheep leather, without missing the desired suppleness. Goat leather originally has a thicker / coarser grain and therefore offers a tougher look. In our Winter 2020 collection, this leather is used for some of the men's models in combination with cashmere lining, which gives the gloves a very luxurious premium look. 



Goatskin gloves:

Dex exclusive eco leather men's gloves vegan
Vegan eco leather

The Frickin vegan gloves are made of 100% quality and animal-friendly PU-BAT eco-leather and can hardly be distinguished from real leather gloves. The leather is supple and protects your hands from rain and wind. All our vegan models have a special touch function in the fingertips, which makes them the ideal smartphone gloves for him and her.


Gloves made of vegan leather/eco leather:

F1 Driving gloves exclusive men's leather car glove
Lamb leather

Lamb leather is a fairly general term for genuine leather derived from sheep or goats. It is available in different types and finishes. Usually, lambskin or lambskin leather refers to a nappa or smooth quality that is available in thicker leather, which makes it ideal for Frickin's liner-less driving gloves.


Lambskin gloves:

Ivy exclusive merino suede ladies mittens with tuscan fur
Suede / Lammy 

Lammy gloves look very soft and warm, that's why we like to combine them with soft colors like cream, beige, cognac and grey. Our suede and lammy gloves and mittens are very comfortable to wear. Because of the soft look, these gloves are mostly worn casually.


Suede gloves:

Nubuck Nappalan

Nubuck nappa leather is a suede to which a thin layer of colour has been applied. Usually, suede from goats or lambs for clothing leather is finished in this way. It makes the surface mirror-smooth! Such leathers are very soft and particularly lightweight. They are also called "silk leather" and the finish is called "nappalan-coating". This type of leather was used by Frickin in designing the new collection mittens for ladies. This type of leather is delicate and should not be treated with aftercare products. Over time, a degree of wear will become visible on the surface finish. This is a normal and desirable effect of the nappalan leather which will improve the suppleness of the hide with a rougher and rougher look.


Gloves made of nubuck/nappalan:


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