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Waterproof gloves

Do you regularly encounter rain on the road and are tired of coming home with soaked and wet hands? Then protect your hands from now on with a pair of waterproof gloves from Frickin.

Gloves warm and waterproof

Cold and wet hands are a thing of the past with Frickin's waterproof gloves. On our webshop, you will find a wide range of beautiful and high-quality waterproof gloves for both women and men. All our waterproof gloves are made of the best materials, so you can enjoy warm hands for years to come during the cold autumn and winter months. In a country like the Netherlands, where cold is common in winter, a fine pair of waterproof gloves is certainly not a luxury. Indeed, everyone can use waterproof gloves. At Frickin, you benefit from fast and free delivery. Discover our product range and be surprised!

Buy waterproof gloves

When buying waterproof gloves, you obviously want them to do what they are made for: protect your fingers and hands, and not allow cold and water to enter. Not only are waterproof gloves very comfortable, they are also easy to put on or take off. You can choose from several models, sizes and colours of waterproof gloves. There is a model for every outfit or occasion that compliments the rest of the outfit. When designing the gloves, we pay extra attention to the design and make sure the waterproof gloves fit nicely around your fingers. This optimises wearing comfort.

Warm waterproof gloves

Our warm waterproof gloves are made of the best materials that can take a lot. The gloves can take a beating, including rain and water. It is impossible for water to penetrate. The result? Your hands stay nice and warm and dry. Winterproof gloves can also wick away sweat faster. You won't experience clammy or sweaty hands any more.

Simple and quick search

Are you looking for a specific waterproof glove? Or do you have a particular colour in mind? Perhaps there is a special price range in which you want to find waterproof gloves? By using our handy filter option, you can quickly and easily filter through our range. You can specify the colour you are looking for, the price range, the size of the gloves and what gender you are looking for waterproof gloves for. At Frickin, you can choose from waterproof gloves for women, men or unisex. By turning on our filter, you will get a refined selection of our waterproof gloves and can choose the one that suits your taste.

Order directly online

Waterproof gloves are actually an essential part of any winter wardrobe. You are assured that not only in cold weather, but also in water or snow, your hands and fingers will be perfectly protected. Our waterproof gloves are durable and will last for years. Absolutely worth the investment. So get your favourite pair of gloves and order at We ship all our orders completely free of charge. Are you unsure about which waterproof gloves to choose? Or could you use other advice? Our staff will be happy to assist you.