Gloves with lining

Are you looking for a pair of warm winter gloves and wondering which lining is the warmest, or offers you the best wearing comfort next winter? Frickin gives you an overview of both warm ladies gloves as warm men's gloves and all types of liners we offer. In addition, each liner has its own specific properties which are best suited to the user. Think especially of keeping your hands warm, but also the possibility to let your hands breathe should not be forgotten. Of course, it is important that the gloves are comfortable to wear.

Gloves with wool lining

Frickin's attractive wool lining has a luxurious look and a unique comfort due to the use of the most exquisite materials, whereby supple leather fits softly around the hands. The cosy wool lining on the inside provides healthy warmth and allows the hands to breathe freely. These warm winter gloves are so light that you can hardly feel them. Therefore, the wool lining not only offers enough warmth during the colder winter days, but also provides the ideal fit for your hands. In addition, our wool linings are of the best quality. This in contrast to the standard 25 grams that many other manufacturers offer.

Models with wool lining 

Luxurious gloves with cashmere lining

Looking for wonderfully warm gloves with luxurious cashmere lining? The cashmere lining in Frickin's gloves makes the gloves nice and soft on the inside and allows the hands to breathe at the same time. A high-quality lining that's ideal for people who suffer from the cold or perspiring hands, cashmere lets them breathe better. Thanks in part to these properties, the gloves are not only a stylish addition to your wardrobe, but also offer protection during the bleak winter months.

Models with cashmere lining

Gloves with fleece lining

Fleece lining offers the wearer not only a wonderfully comfortable fit but also a pair of warm hands. The type of lining is very thin and also lightweight compared to the wool gloves but it almost equals the warmth comfort of the wool linings. In short, great value for money.

Models with fleece lining

Gloves without lining

Frickin has chosen linerless gloves for some of the models in its range. This was done to make better use of the leather's properties and to experience the leather as a second skin. All models in our so-called car glove collection (which can be worn all year round) do not have a lining and therefore you will experience a sublime grip on the steering wheel.

Models without lining

Silk faux lining in gloves

A faux silk lining is an imitation fabric of real silk. Although this lining looks very nice and is experienced as warm in many cases, it has the great disadvantage that the hands can not properly dissipate heat in a natural way. Sweating and clammy hands are the result. In some cases, this can even lead to eczema. For this reason, Frickin does not use this type of liner. 

Frickin doesn't offer models with silk faux lining

quality of linings

Because every pair of lined gloves has its own qualitative characteristics, such as a high wearing comfort. It is important that the lining molds well to your hand, so that you can experience optimal comfort. It is also important that the gloves can breathe and insulate well, which guarantees warm winter gloves. One of the reasons why our gloves are so popular is because an elegant and stylish look has been taken into account in the design process, along with Frickin's qualitatively high demands for the perfect lining. For example, our lined gloves are made of wool, not 25 grammes but 40 grammes of A+ best quality.  

The best lined gloves?

At Frickin we try to help you choose the best warm glove liner for your needs. nice pair of ladies or gents gloves. Whether you're looking for fleece, no lining or wool gloves Frickin has it all. From a simple fleece to a warm woolen cashmere lining. 


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