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    Car gloves of excellent quality!

    Frickin's handmade car gloves are made from the best available natural leather and textile materials. They are made from 100% lamb leather. Lamb leather is a thicker and smoother leather. This not only gives the gloves a velvety soft and supple feel, but also provides the driver with a firm grip on the steering wheel.

    Wearable all year round

    Lamb leather is so thick, that it is not necessary to provide the gloves with the lining. In addition, the leather is perforated. This makes the gloves feel like a comfortable and breathable second skin. This makes the gloves ideal to wear all year round. So are you looking for gloves that give you year-round comfort while driving? Then these gloves are for you!

    Touchscreen compatible!

    The Frickin gloves are not only very comfortable, they are also touchscreen compatible. This means that you can even use your smartphone, tablet or navigation system with these gloves on. That's of course very convenient when you have to make a lot of phone calls or use the navigation system on a regular basis. In short: Frickin's car gloves have a classic, tough look with a modern twist. They are a must-have for every motorist!

    What kind of car gloves do you find on Frickin?

    We have included various car gloves for men, women and unisex in our assortment. The colors we have included in our range are brown and black, so every pair of car gloves has a cool look. We deliver every order in a handy storage bag and a nice gift box. What do you think of the Fricking F1 Driving Gloves or the Frickin GT Driving Gloves Convertible Gloves? Whatever gloves you choose, you're sure to steal the show with them.

    What other types of gloves can you find at Frickin?
    Besides car gloves, we have several other types of gloves in our collection. All these gloves are designed in the Netherlands and during each design process high quality and a good finish are key. At Frickin you are therefore assured of beautiful, high quality gloves.

    Besides car gloves, our range also consists of:

    So any pair of gloves you need, you'll find at Frickin!

    Order your car gloves now on Frickin!

    So at Frickin you will find an extensive collection of car gloves for both women and men. All our gloves have a luxurious premium look and are of high quality. Would you like to receive your gloves as soon as possible? Order them today! Ordered today before 16:00Your order will be delivered the next day. We will send your order in a beautiful gift box that fits through the mailbox. So you don't have to stay at home to receive your luxurious pair of gloves.

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