We are CO2 neutral!

From manufacturing to your home...

As a glove brand and manufacturer, Frickin obviously has nothing to gain from global climate change.
After all, when temperatures rise, no one will be wearing gloves anymore and we will be forced to stop using them.

But now let's get serious:

Frickin thinks about tomorrow and the future as a whole. We have already started packing and shipping all our products in an environmentally friendly way. We have developed a specially made vegan leather that differs from the standard PU eco-leather used by various clothing manufacturers and from the 2021 season onwards we will be actively working on compensating for all the CO2 we produce. Our goal and mission is very simple: sustainable gloves from production to delivery to your home, CO2 neutral!

Our cooperation with Trees for all.

In order to achieve our objectives and mission, we have entered into cooperation with Trees for all We have made a calculation of our complete CO2 emissions, measured from manufacture to delivery to your home. A calculation was made of our complete CO2 emissions, measured from production to delivery to your home, and this is then recorded in a so-called CO2 footprint. The size of this footprint, which is expressed in tonnes of CO2, is then compensated by Frickin to Trees for All. So there are no extra costs for CO2 neutral shipping when you place an order with us. Trees for all oversee various projects that are certified and guarantee the amount of CO2 captured. The social, economic and ecological impact is also monitored and checked. Trees for All also has the CBF quality mark. In short, a partner we can be proud of!

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Buy consciously!

Together we are committed to a healthier climate, the restoration of nature and biodiversity and the reduction of poverty in the world. If you share our views, buy your gloves consciously at Frickin and help shape tomorrow! Check out our men's gloves or collection ladies gloves.


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