Give gloves as a gift?

Frickin the best gift for him and her!

Would you like to give a pair of Frickin handmade gloves as a gift? No problem at all at Frickin! Especially for you, we have written a short explanation on how to order with us easily.

Size determination

Measuring the glove size will be a problem if you want the gift to remain a surprise for the recipient.

Fortunately, we at Frickin have a good alternative! It is possible to determine the size of gloves from your shoe size.

Take a look in the shoe cupboard and you will easily find the right glove size you are looking for, here in our size chart!

The order?

Now that you know the size, you can easily order the gloves online in our webshop. You don't want to receive the gift at your own address, but rather have it delivered directly to the recipient? Then choose an alternative delivery address during the ordering process. There are no further costs involved and best of all? The recipient does not have to be at home, because if you order just a few, they will be delivered to you directly.  sent as a letterbox shipment and fit through the letterbox.

Want to give gloves as a present? Choose our wrapping service!

Finally, during the checkout process, you can choose Frickin's wrapping service. With this service, the gloves are neatly wrapped in a special gift box. Ideal during the holidays because the gift can be placed under the Christmas tree right away.

What about the packing list and prices?

What about the packing slips and price indications? You don't need to worry about that. Frickin delivers paperless and arranges everything via the digital highway. This means that only you, the buyer, will have the invoice with the prices. Any returns or exchanges will also be handled by you, without burdening the recipient.

Business gifts?

For business customers, too, we offer a nice alternative to the standard Christmas hampers. Keep your staff warm during the cold winter days and treat them to a pair of gloves of your choice. For more information, you can contact here with our representative.


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