Buying new gloves?

ladies gloves

If you're planning on buying new gloves, it's a good idea to pay attention to certain characteristics. That way, you can enjoy your new fashion item for as long as possible. It also depends on how you're going to use the gloves. Will you use the gloves behind the wheel in your car or do you like to wear mittens because your hands get cold? The following characteristics will help you find the right gloves.

Warm cycling gloves!

Cycling gloves Logan

If you ride a bike every day, you probably experience cold, numb fingers during autumn and winter. In the worst case, you might also experience itchy, even sore fingers due to the cold weather. A good pair of gloves can reduce your exposure to the cold and help alleviate these symptoms.

Why car gloves?

Men's Leather Car Gloves

Spring is coming and the sun is showing its face more often. The ideal moment to go out in your convertible. Touring through the beautiful landscapes that our country has to offer. At moments like these, the must have accessory for the distinguished modern man or woman cannot be missed: a pair of beautiful leather convertible gloves that match the interior.

The best warm winter gloves

black leather gloves for men

The most important aspect for a pair of warm winter gloves is the materials they are made of. Natural materials, for instance, are often more resistant to the cold climate. A wool or cashmere natural lining, not only allows your hands to breathe better and perspire less inside your gloves, but at the same time it keeps your hands warm. These are also often the warmest lining gloves, as opposed to a man-made polyester fleece lining.

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