Which gloves are nice and warm?

During autumn and winter, you want your hands to be warm while walking or cycling. That's why a good pair of gloves can't be missing from your autumn wardrobe. Whether you're looking for ladies gloves or men's gloves You'll always succeed at Frickin! But which gloves are warm enough to get you through the autumn? Here's what to look out for when buying a new pair of gloves.

which gloves are warm

The different materials

Frickin's gloves are made of premium quality natural leather. Leather fits the hand smoothly and is more resistant to weather conditions than a cloth glove. With us you can choose from different types of leather, such as goat leather, sheep leather, lambskin or vegan eco-leather. Looking for warm gloves and not sure which material to choose? It's best to make your choice based on your needs and the properties of the leather.

For example, both goat and sheep leather are durable and sturdy, yet pliable and wonderfully soft. If you want to be able to carry out precise operations with your gloved hands, these thin leather types are a good choice. Both leather types protect you well against cold wind and winter precipitation, while your hands can breathe well. The flexible leather also gives the gloves an elegant look, so you will not only be warm, but also stylish through the winter.

If you are looking for comfortable gloves that will keep your hands warm even in more extreme weather conditions, you should choose lammy. Lammy is a type of leather where the hairs are still on the leather. The hairy side is used for the inside of the gloves and the leather side for the outside. The result is nice and soft gloves that, with the right care, will last for years.

Are you a big animal lover and not a fan of real leather? Then Frickin offers you a good alternative! Our vegan eco leatheris a quality PU eco-leather that has the looks of real leather. At Frickin we also have a sustainable mindset for tomorrow's world. Read more here.

The different linings

With a warm pair of gloves, the lining is at least as important as the leather they are made of. So to answer the question: which gloves are warm? it is very important that the gloves insulate well and let your skin breathe. That's why we place high demands on wearing comfort all our liners.

At Frickin we work with three types of lining. With lambswool you are always in the right place. Lambswool gives your hands a nice warmth without causing your hands to sweat. In addition, the material is very comfortable and has a luxurious look. Because a wool lining allows your hands to breathe better and at the same time keeps them nice and warm, it is often the best lining for a warm glove. If you are looking for absolute luxury, choose the 100%. cashmere linings. This lining is wonderfully soft and allows your hands to breathe. This makes it ideal for people who suffer from sweaty hands. Fleece is a thin and light lining that gives you the same comfort and warmth as a wool lining. In addition, gloves with a fleece lining have a comfortable fit.

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Lammy Lined Suede Mittens for Women

Suitable for all weather conditions

If you're looking for a pair of gloves that will get you through the cold days, you've come to the right place. Which gloves are warm? Frickin's leather gloves can withstand temperatures of up to -10°, making them ideal for European climates. Unfortunately, our leather gloves are not suitable for a wet, snowy skiing holiday. The Lammy gloves can even be worn at temperatures below -10°.

Stylish and elegant on the go for women and men

At Frickin's, you will find elegant and stylish gloves for men and women in all sorts of leather and lining combinations. For example, our vegan leather gloves with fleece lining for women and goat leather gloves with cashmere lining for men. Whether you're looking for an elegant and stylish pair of touchscreen gloves or a modern and cool-looking pair car glovesAt Frickin, everyone is guaranteed to find the right pair of gloves.

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