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Black gloves

The colour black suits every outfit and should therefore not be missing in your wardrobe. Therefore, complete your wardrobe with a nice pair of black gloves. Gloves are the fashion accessories to complete your outfit!

Buy black gloves

Our black gloves come in all shapes and sizes and have different functions. The black leather gloves will never go out of fashion. They are nice and warm and have a long lifespan thanks to the high-quality materials used. Moreover, they give both ladies and gentlemen a classic look and radiate a touch of luxury and allure. Black gloves are also available as special touchscreen gloves. So you can even use your smartphone or other digital device without your hands and fingers getting cold. For car enthusiasts, we also have black car gloves. These gloves provide optimal grip while driving the car. Of course, you will also find black mittens and black vegan leather gloves in our assortment. The choices are countless.

Black gloves: stylish and practical

A great advantage of black gloves is that they flawlessly combine two aspects. Not only do they fulfil their purpose of warming and keeping hands warm, they are also very stylish for men or women. Ladies get a stylish and elegant look, while men benefit from the rugged look. Enough space is left to move your fingers, so that you can enjoy warm hands during sports such as running or cycling. So black gloves protect your hands from cold, wind or water, and you always look stylish in the process.

Different leathers and linings

As mentioned, you have a choice of black gloves with different linings. For instance, you can choose from black gloves with a wool lining. Wool has the property of keeping your hands warm and is also very light. The gloves fit like a glove. A cashmere lining feels super soft and allows your hands to breathe. The ideal solution for people who perspire easily at the hands. The last option is gloves with a fleece lining. Fleece is also very light and soft, but definitely gives the same warmth comfort as other linings. The different types of leather you find on our webshop are black gloves made of sheep leather, goat leather, lamby or vegan eco-leather. The last variant is animal-friendly.

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Looking for a pair of black gloves of the best quality? Discover the wide collection of black gloves on Frickin's webshop. We specialise in offering high quality gloves of our own brand. When you place an order, you always benefit from free shipping and we aim to deliver your new acquisition as soon as possible. Do you have any questions? Then please contact our customer service. They will be happy to help you.