Diamonds the autumn trend of 2021

The most popular autumn trend of 2021 is the classic plaid. The plaid has been around for a few years now. But the amount of checks we see this year is breathtaking. Where in previous years we've seen mostly checks with bold colours and designs, this year is different. In 2021, we will only be wearing the classic plaid. This is the fine check as we know it from the traditional dress that the British and the Scots have worn with style for so many years.

Autumn trend of 2021 The Frickin Britt vegan leather gloves ladies with motif

On the catwalk, we see the classic checks combined in all-over looks. A plaid blazer combined with plaid trousers and styled with a plaid top. In different colours and patterns, or all items made from the same fabric. But never in striking colours or contrasts, no yelling this year.

What do you think of this? Do you dare to dress up in a complete plaid outfit? Or is this all-over look too much for you? If you love the autumn trend of 2021, but prefer a more subtle touch, the solution is in the details. Because we love these classic and refined black and white checks so much, we added one top item to our collection: the Frickin Britt. This exclusive design combines the classic check in a black and white pattern with a minimalistic red line.

Frickin Britt gloves

The simple colour combination in the ladies glovesThe combination of black, white and a small red detail makes the glove very easy to combine. Because of its simplicity, the glove is ideal to wear with different tones of grey or black and white clothing. It also combines the Frickin' Britt Good with brown, blue and green shades, as it creates a slight contrast. Subtle, like this autumn's fashion.  

Picture of the Frickin Britt:

lifestyle vegan leather gloves ladies - Britt

Must-have accessories of 2021

The great thing about the classic check is that this must-have is timeless. Every year you can combine your checked garments or accessories in a new way. Wear them stylishly, combined with plain black or white garments and different materials. But this year, no fuss. So no exuberant colours or neon, but wear the British plaid with other plaids for a statement look or combine it with calm tones for a classic look. Don't go for bright colours or striking patterns, but for modest tones like grey, green, black and white.

The plaid trend has also found its way into accessories. Finish your look with a pair of plaid gloves and a woolly hat. And remember that the different accessories do not have to be the same style. For example, combine the exclusive Ladies Leather Glove Britt from Frickin with a long plaid trench coat with brown accents or a dark blue plaid pantsuit. We are fans and you?

Wear this delightful trend now and buy our beloved Britt exclusive vegan eco leather patterned gloves With the latest touchscreen functionality, use these gloves on the screen of your smartphone, navigation and tablet.