How should I care for my gloves?

Tips for the best maintenance!

Do you own a quality pair of handmade leather or suede gloves by Frickin and want to take care of them optimally so that you can enjoy them for years and years? We have written a short explanation with some tips to help you.

Caring for and cleaning dirty gloves

Leather gloves for men and women You should wash or clean as little as possible. Take good care of your gloves? Then avoid using a washing machine and/or chemicals at all costs! We recommend that you clean the gloves manually if necessary. You do this by putting on the gloves and then dabbing them off with a damp cloth. To keep the leather gloves in top condition, our advice is to clean them once every three months. Cleaning/washing the gloves too often can harm the leather and the shine.

Pulling it on and off.

The most common mistake people make that is disastrous for your gloves... NEVER pull at the split or side seams when putting on or taking off your gloves. Instead, put the gloves on by sliding the beginning of the tips over the fingers and smoothing them down. Then slide the glove over the thumb and smooth downwards. This way there is no pressure on the seams or the leather, which benefits your gloves.


Just like you don't walk around in the same trousers or the same pair of shoes every day, we don't recommend wearing just one pair of gloves. After all, for every occasion or activity you need different types of gloves. Our best advice is to change gloves regularly. 

Dry your gloves

Real leather should not stay wet or damp for too long. We therefore recommend drying the gloves at room temperature after they have been in contact with water. To maintain the original fit, you can put the gloves on several times during the drying process. NEVER use the sun or artificial heat sources such as a stove or dryer. Never store the gloves when they are wet!

Is the season over?

And do you want to take the best care of your gloves? Then store your gloves at room temperature in a dry location. For this, you can use the original organic packaging, which has a simple closing strip. We strongly advise against locations such as a barn or attic! These can be damp and have vermin. A common tip: put your gloves in the back of your sock drawer for the new season. Want to know more tips? Then take a look at our blog.  


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