About us...

The story of Frickin in brief
  • Passion for gloves
  • Exclusive & Stylish
  • Limited edition
  • Sustainable production
  • Environment first!

Preference for gloves

Born from a passion for gloves - yes, you read that right. No passion for shoes, but for the forgotten accessories gloves. Where people used to wear them daily and even in summer, today they are the forgotten fashion accessories among people. The passion and love for accessories is one of the reasons why Frickin was born.

Stylish, elegant but above all exclusive

Mass production in the world of fashion is nowadays almost unthinkable. Frickin therefore makes it its mission to provide stylishly elegant leather gloves for women and gentlemen But above all, it ensures exclusivity in its collection. So with a pair of Frickin gloves you will be assured of a unique look, because each season there is only a very limited edition for each model and style. 

For tomorrow's day

In addition, seasonal trends have led to drastic changes in consumer behaviour, which naturally has an impact on the environment. Frickin is committed to tomorrow and thinks about the environment. For example, our gloves are sustainably produced from by-products of the food, wool and dairy industries. We have mapped our CO2 profile and it is fully compensated (including delivery to your door)! We developed our own Vegan gloves collection and finally, we banned plastic and started packing in a fully sustainable way. Read more about us in the blogs.

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